Competencies without a  Classroom 

21st Century skills. The 6 Cs. Core competencies.

Call 'em what you want.

These are now the skills that society demands from our students. 

But what do they actually look like in the real world?

And how  can I empower my students to develop these skills? 


Listen Anytime, Anywhere.


Cut through the noise. #DoTheOptional

In this ~2 min teaser with Navid Nathoo, I asked him what he looks for when building out his team.

2 exact resumes. 

What separates the successful candidate from the other?


Who (not what) do you want to become?

In this ~1 min clip with Rumeet Billan, she shares a message that we all need to hear, now more than ever. 
"Position titles do come and go. 
It's not about the what, and instead it's actually about who you are"

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